On Demand Webinar: 5 Areas of Focus for Government EPMOs

The concept of an Enterprise Program Management Office in government organizations has existed for many years.  The challenge of improving program management through better process and tools remains a priority.  The ultimate goal of improved program performance at the organizational level is still a worthwhile and attainable goal.  As technology platforms evolve, there is a real opportunity for the government organization to leverage “new and improved” enterprise ready solutions for Program Management.

Establishing an Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) within government organizations enables teams to leverage a structured project & work management approach that will deliver consistent, effective results.  At the same time, the technology platform is ready now to accommodate different sets of requirements and levels of program management readiness.  In the case of the Microsoft cloud, it now offers a variety of options to provide a secure, holistic, and integrated experience for program and project teams on platforms such as Office 365 and Azure for Government organizations to manage programs at an enterprise level.  Azure Government now holds the following certifications:

  • FedRAMP Moderate Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO)
  • DISA Level 2 Provisional Authorization (PA)
  • Support for federal tax workloads under IRS Publication 1075
  • DISA Level 2 for the US defense sector