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Everything worth doing – is worth doing well.

Have you ever had one of those moments in life where a particular pain point has driven you to the conviction that there’s gotta be a better way? Wicresoft was founded on the principle that everything worth doing – is worth doing well. If you think about it, every great idea originates from one basic need, the need to improve the human experience.


In 1999, Joe Larscheid, alongside a small group of creative minds from KPMG Consulting (now BearingPoint), had a moment just like that. They wanted to deliver top-of-the-line, innovative Project Management business solutions and services, but they wanted to do it at a fair value to the customer. In the wakes of Microsoft’s debut of Microsoft Project Server (Project Central for those of you that remember), LMR Solutions became Microsoft’s top go-to-partner for Enterprise Project Management (EPM) deployments.   A few years later, another moment ensued that would change the PPM market forever.


Once again, technology progressed and the human experience became less than desirable. EPM evolved into PPM – Project Portfolio Management. PPM platforms became outrageously expensive, overly complex and even more costly to maintain. In 2007, Joe and his crew, including 20 of the best certified project management and Microsoft professionals in the space, developed EPM Live. The first full PPM application built on SharePoint, a platform already owned by most organizations, EPM Live delivers cost effective, easy to use PPM solutions worldwide and is recognized in Gartner’s Cloud-based IT Project and Portfolio Management Services Magic Quadrant. In late 2012, Upland Software acquired EPM Live.


So here we are, present day, pursuing the vision derived from yet another one of life’s great moments. With a long history of Microsoft expertise, innovative product development experience, and a simple belief that everything worth doing is worth doing well, we have a new promise to deliver to our customers. Leveraging the Microsoft technology you know, the personnel that makes your company one of a kind, and Tivitie’s digital workplace applications, we promise to deliver unmatched productivitie like you’ve never seen before. An empowered workforce, proven technology that promotes their greatness, and a partner that can only succeed if you do – a winning combination every time.

Meet Some of Our Team


Joe Larscheid


Michelle Manimtim

Customer Success

Heather Champoux


Munjal Patel


Matthew Willey

Product Mgmnt


We are passionate about helping our customers create efficiencies that make work more enjoyable.


Our team is comprised of insanely talented people, with decades of Microsoft experience, that we’re lucky enough to call our coworkers and our friends.


We partner with Microsoft, the leading cloud productivity platform, to deliver innovative services and solutions maximizing workforce productivity.


While each and every customer is unique, there’s no reason to start from scratch. Be cost effective and efficient with our best practices and accelerators.


We believe that happy employees translates into happy customers. Our culture reinforces that work can be something that can bring fun and fulfillment to the life you lead.


Our approach to putting people first, reinvents productivity allowing your organization shine its brightest. We design solutions that your users will love and use.


We will engage with your team by incorporating “gamification” to deliver deeper, more actionable insight into each engagement.