Artificial Intelligence – The NextGen of Project Management

Artificial Intelligence – The NextGen of Project Management

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been a major buzzword in the future of how our societies will run and the benefits of AI are just as great as the conflicting opinions toward them. Some believe AI will usher in a new world of technological advances revolutionizing how we do business, whereas others fear their impact on the society, culture, and our workplaces.

One thing is for certain, AI is the next generation of our workplaces. According to a recent study, 87% of respondents believe AI will change their job within the next three years with similar numbers reporting that AI, at least in part, could perform their job. The uneasiness surrounding AI is palpable with 86% being excited about the new technical revolution, whereas 87% were skeptical.

However, AI shouldn’t be feared – it should be embraced, especially by project managers who might make it their best friend. With AI for project management on the rise, teams are moving faster and making better decisions with more comprehensive information.

There’s been a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence and its impact on project management, but what is it?

Project management AI is a system capable of making day to day management and administration of projects without the need for outside management. It allows for simple and complex automation with the goal of enhancing project performance. As an unbiased system, project management AI uses analytics and data to perform tasks, make recommendations, and even make decisions to optimize the project performance creating improved outcomes.

Today – Project Assistants, Tomorrow – Comprehensive AI Integration

The current generation of project management AI has taken the form of project assistants who focus on narrow, predefined areas of managing a team or project. By maximizing efficiency in supporting activities, AI is helping teams to realize benefits today. These narrow applications provide insights into the future of AI where AI will automate tasks, provide insights, and even communicate directly with the team.

As project assistants grow their understanding, new key metrics will be uncovered heightening overall project performance. Imagine the possibilities – evaluating quality, performance, learning, change, and even effort. With AI leading project management, you won’t be informed of a bug, but be told the line of code, the person who wrote it, and the tasks related to it allowing for real, actionable indicators of team and project performance.

Impact on Project Management

Project management AI is ushering a new generation of project management. Imagine getting hours back each week, spending less time being bogged down by project administration, and avoiding project pitfalls. AI is going to impact team performance and project outcomes.

Those with and without will be set apart with AI helping teams to move at light speed. Make sure you and your team are on the forefront of AI integration.


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