Project and Program Financial Management in Project Online

Project and Program Financial Management in Project Online

Wicresoft is excited to introduce OnePlan’s Financial Planner for Project Online. OnePlan is an Office 365 app that adds simplified top-down strategic and portfolio planning to enhance the already strong project portfolio management (PPM) execution features already built into Project Online.

Unlock the Benefits of OnePlan Financial Planner

Strategic Financial Planning –Extend finance-focused planning to include capital investment initiatives while allowing operational managers to model capex to capital projects over multi-year period. Anticipate how the money you spend will translate into value for the company by connecting spend to both cost center and value delivered.



Advanced Portfolio Analytics and Status Reports – Know the health of your portfolios through slick reports & dashboards, that allow you to drill into the detailed data driving your performance analytics. The robust dashboards and reports integrate data from multiple sources allowing you to view Portfolio data in different, more-applicable ways using visualizations, charts, and highlighted key metrics for success.



Full Portfolio Planning and Execution – Input demand details, including benefits, estimated costs, required resources, and business drivers impact to gain immediate insights into benefits, costs, and resource needs of individual to all portfolios. When a detailed plan may not be necessary, keep the planning at the portfolio level.



Robust Portfolio Analytics – Drive business value by gaining insights at the portfolio level. Through modelling portfolios and analyzing risks, you are able to determine the best strategic path, considering cost and resource constraints, to maximize ROI and business strategy alignment.



OnePlan Financial Planner Overview

Interested in a simpler way to manage resources and learn more about OnePlan? View our on-demand webinar and request a free trial to get started today!