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The key to delivering project value is building highly productive teams that can find the information they need instantly to do their work and achieve their business goals. Today, project teams must be able to collaborate virtually anywhere, via any means, to keep the conversation active and the projects progressing. Connecting people empowers productivity, increases knowledge and builds confidence; confident teams outperform disconnected project teams every time.


Forecast, Plan and Manage Demand

Demand can come from anywhere.  Strategic projects, operational activities and IT initiatives are just a few that could impact the work already in motion.

Align and Strengthen Your Portfolio

Due to the ongoing shifts in the economy, discretionary spending has been reduced and the constant need to justify business decisions has forced business leaders to tighten controls.  The perfect combination of value optimization and resource utilization has become essential for project success.

Gain Control of Your Resources

Managing your resources effectively is the number one way to reduce costs across the organization.  Your people are your most valuable asset, but they are also your biggest expense.  Know exactly what your resources are working on regardless of whether it is project, operational or service related.

Schedule on Your Terms

Not everyone is a seasoned project manager but most everyone has projects to manage.  Without a blueprint of where you are going, it can make it impossible to execute on projects with accuracy and efficiency.  Regardless if you are a professional or occasional project manager, Wicresoft has the right tools to help you manage your work.

Stay on Top of Issues and Risks

Being able to predict and prevent potential project issues will help you make better decisions across the board and is a critical component of project management best practices.  Should risks occur within your projects, mitigation can mean the difference between project failure and success.

Process Automation

Manual processes can prevent businesses from being successful.  If every user saved just two hours a week through process automation, the benefits would far exceed the investment.  Think about it – every user’s hourly rate x 2, every week of the year.  Automate critical business processes and save money, increase productivity and give your workforce the satisfaction of eliminating manual work so they can focus on what’s most important – delivering value.

Gain Insights Through Reporting and BI

Without key insights into projects, work, and resources, the ability to make the right decisions is nearly impossible.  One of the biggest challenges for many organizations is the ability to understand, organize, and display the data that is being captured.  Proactive work performance and productivity begins with the outputs.

Accomplish More with Project-as-a-Service

Project-as-a-Service is a convenient and cost effective solution to help your team perform its very best and keep projects on track.

Accelerated Time to Value

Project as a Service provides your organization with a robust Project cloud solution without the time, cost and risk associated with building a solution from scratch.

Tailored to Your Needs

Combine pre-configured best practices with your unique business requirements, while leaving a clear path for future growth and change.

Partnered for Success

All services including administration, training, and support,  will be managed entirely by our team of Microsoft and project management experts.

What’s Included?

Migration & Deployment

Minimize your ramp-up time with a team that can cut through the jargon and lead you to a working productivity suite that fits your unique needs.

Self Help Community

Engage with and get answers from a passionate community of customers and Wicresoft's experts in addition to a library full of knowledge.

Administration Services

We get it. Things change. Our team of Microsoft experts will help you maintain and update your Project solution as your needs evolve.

24/7 Support

Access your dedicated Account Manager and our team of productivity specialists by phone, chat, or email for quick issue resolution.

Training University

Your employees will have access to the latest and greatest Project ``how to`` videos, articles and training courses to increase usability and adoption.

Dedicated Expert

Get your own dedicated Account Manager that gets your business, understands your use cases, and knows how you use Project Online.

Additional Project Online Services

If you cannot find the service that you are looking for listed below, contact us and we will help you find the right solution to meet your needs.

Roadmap & Strategy

Work with a team of Wicresoft experts to discover how Project Online can help you achieve your business objectives.


Effortlessly migrate your on premise data to Project Online to offer your team a modern and efficient digital workplace.

Deployment & Upgrade Planning

Our team will help your business architect, design, implement, and adopt Microsoft Project Online.

Advanced Configuration

Need something a little different? No problem; our team of experts can help customize the right solution for you.


A low risk, 10-day engagement with Wicresoft Project experts helps customers envision, plan and get started with Project Online.

Customized Reports & Dashboards

Gain critical business insights and utilize data in meaningful ways through custom reports and dashboards.

Staff Augmentation

Augment your team with a project manager, leverage technical experts to run your tools, or extend your PMO staff with our team of experts.

Education & Training

Give your people the skills to use Project Online to its fullest extent and boost productivity with a variety of training options.


Eliminate time-sucking manual data processing steps. Connect disconnected systems, automate workflows and gain better customer insights.

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