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The Kick Start for Project Online program leverages a pre-configured solution, reports based on best practices and a proven deployment approach to get you started fast with a fully working Project Online environment.

  • 01 Envision

    We will help you create your own unique path to productivity based on organizational readiness and key business challenges

  • 02 Design

    We will work directly with your company to design your Project Online solution that your users will love.

  • 03 Configure

    Our gurus will work directly with your team to migrate and implement your Project Online solution

  • 04 Readiness

    Fuel your workforce with focused training and one-on-one support to unleash new levels of productivity

  • 05 Support

    Launching a PPM system for your users is not the end of something, but just the beginning. We’ve got your back long term with ongoing support


Kick Start for Project Online includes best practices, tools, resources, and experts committed to make your experience with Project Online a success.

Get to Know Project Online

The overall benefits of Project Online are generally understood, but organizations are often unsure of how these benefits will apply to them.


Kick Start for Project Online offers organizations the opportunity to quickly “test drive” Microsoft’s Project Online Solution using their own project teams and project data. This allows organizations to carefully assess, evaluate, understand, and appreciate the features and functions of the solution in their own environment with consideration of their own processes before making a commitment or investment in a full Project Online deployment.

Evaluate Project Online

Often, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool selection becomes bogged down in the minutia of feature comparison, and organizational politics, which prolongs the selection process without actually proving out the value of the tool.


Organizations are wise to carefully evaluate traditional Project Management solutions due to the significant capital and resource investment that are normally required. However, a more effective approach is to pilot key aspects of the desired solution without needing to make any significant investments.

Gain Executive Buy-in

Establishing stakeholder commitment to your Project Online solution is a critical step for the broad adoption and success of the solution.


The familiar and intuitive nature of the Kick Start for Project Online program enables management to easily understand the solution’s capabilities, and to visualize the immense value that the solution can provide.

What Comes with Project Online KickStart?

System Design Documentation

One (1) system specification based on design sessions.

Migration & Configuration

One (1) configuration of Project Online per the system specification.

User Acceptance Testing

One (1) user acceptance testing session.

Project Manager Training

One (1) remote Project Manager end user training for up to 10 resources.

Executive & Team Training

One (1) remote Executive/Team Member end user training for up to 10 resources.

Support Portal Access

Three (3) month subscription to Project Online support portal.

Preconfigured Environment

One (1) pre-configured Project Online environment based on industry best practices.

Workspace Templates

Up to three (3) project workspace templates.

Report Pack

One (1) OneConnect report pack that includes up to 25 prebuilt dashboards & reports.

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