Prebuilt Digital Workplace Apps for Office 365


Office Productivity

Tivitie’s Digital Workplace for Office 365 combines the power of Office 365 with a revolutionary delivery model that enhances user experience, reveals new working styles, personalizes information distribution and automates processes to save both time and money. Users can download their virtual Office on any device while IT administers all the organizations applications from a single console.

Sales and Marketing Productivity

Wicresoft’s Digital Workplace for Sales and Marketing provides a complete and intuitive CRM solution that will connect Sales, Marketing and Service teams to increase productivity, drive leads, close deals and provide unmatched customer experiences.  Wicresoft’s prebuilt CRM solution empowers customer-facing teams to collaborate more effectively and make smarter business decisions.

Project Productivity

Tivitie’s Digital Workplace for Project Management helps project teams deliver value.  The key to delivering project value is building highly productive teams that can find the information they need instantly to do their work and achieve their business goals. Connecting people empowers productivity, increases knowledge and builds confidence; confident teams outperform disconnected project teams every time.

Business Productivity

Connect distributed people and teams with an uber intranet-like experience that brings the business together for better collaboration and productivity. Wicresoft’s Digital Workplace organizes information to help your teams find the content that is relevant to them in one place without the need for prolonged searches and unnecessary frustration.  Connecting people with information and digitizing your workplace brings unmatched productivity to today’s modern businesses.