The Benefits of Project Team Sites

The Benefits of Project Team Sites

Project Teams sites have become embedded as a best practice for many organizations. For those who already leverage SharePoint, it is a natural next step to utilize the continuity it enables to your current tasks and collaboration. Team sites bridge communication gaps to ensure all team members have access to the information they need to keep the project moving forward. Without

The Benefits of Project Teams

Communication and Collaboration – Hosting all project documents on a project team site enables collaboration among team members. When work is happening on the project, a team member can identify a roadblock and needs assistance teliminates the need for lengthy emails and ensures all progress is captured in one single location. Similarly, when a team needs to come together to work on a lengthy document, SharePoint can allow different authors to edit the content at the same time. This is collaboration at its finest. Furthermore, hosting your documents on your SharePoint site ensure that the file being used is always the most up to date by keeping documents in one location and granting team members access.

Transparency and Insights – When teams struggle, it’s often due to a lack of transparency within the project. Team sites are the solution. Team sites enable team members to have access to key project metrics in real-time, such as current budget projects/utilization, the number of roadblocks and live status updates. SharePoint team sites provide insights into the project when you need it most without the need for status meetings or confusing email chains. Ensuring all team members have insights into the project, from the timeline to the budget, ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps to avoid any surprises as the project progresses.

Collaboration, communication, transparency, and insights are only a few of the countless benefits of a SharePoint project team. As with most technologies, the key is continued use and team adoption. Get the most out of your SharePoint team

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