Service Management for the Enterprise

Service Management for the Enterprise

Date: Sept 29, 2015 9 AM PST – Businesses today are beginning to realize that focusing on service excellence will provide the edge required to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive and dynamic business environment. Enterprise Service Management provides the model and tools to excel in the service area across all business service teams including Human Resources, Marketing, Legal, Operations, Finance and any other teams providing services within your organization, maximizing the customer experience while optimizing the cost.

What better way to do more with less than leveraging both a proven simplified delivery service model as well as familiar technology to provide these business critical services to your organization? Think about it… process improvement, centralization and cost reduction, delivered through the technology you already own, technology your users know, to drive even MORE value!

Join us in this one-hour presentation as we share Enterprise Service Management best practices and how to increase Office 365 & SharePoint value to help make your business maximize productivity.

Topics to include:

  • Enterprise Service Management Overview
  • Best Practices & Setting Up a Centralized Services Catalog
  • Enterprise Service Management Built on Office 365/SharePoint