View real-time reports and status for all of your team’s projects.


Easily turn strategy into an actionable plan to achieve success.


Centralize communication with stakeholders while maintaining full context.


Flexibility to support, manage and track your team’s approach to work.

Keep track of all work in one place for simplified and flawless execution.

Bring all work together in one central location to easily track and manage work.  Add the information that is most important to you and use simple features such as sort, filter, folders, and drag and drop to break the work down into a personalized, more manageable way.

Visualize and manage work in the way most relevant to your teams.

Whether you are looking for a simplified task list or a scheduling board that allows you to move work through swim lanes, OnePlan has the ability to visualize work based on your preferences and work type.  Collaborate with your teams via Scrum methods or leverage traditional task management models that include dependencies and summary tasks – either way, you can make easy adjustments that will help keep your work on track.

Make resource decisions on the fly with a visual representation of resource assignments across all work.

Gain insight into your project team’s availability and dynamically manage resource schedules for your project with the ease of drag & drop. Match individual resources to the project’s requirements by finding team members according to their roles, skills, and availability.

Increase productivity with simple statusing.

Give your team the information they need to make autonomous decisions that keep the project moving forward. Gain transparency and confidence with visibility into individual assignments. Enhance team collaboration with simple status updates directly from their email client.

Improve collaboration across distributed teams for increased productivity.

Personalize the work experience for your team members by leveraging easy to use social work management collaboration features such as a personalized “My Work” View, Commenting, Notes, and the ability to add individual activities to high level tasks.


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