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With OnePlan and Office 365, organizations can deliver the transformational change necessary to realize their strategy. The strategic, capacity and financial planning capabilities delivered by OnePlan empowers leaders to define roadmaps, set plans and measure progress. Using Office 365, teams across and beyond the enterprise can collaborate to manage plans and drive the process.
Visualize the organization’s strategies, goals, missions, objectives, plans, projects, products, etc.

Prioritize any continuing, upcoming and in-flight investments relative to strategies.

Increase engagement and input from stakeholders as they participate in the planning and execution process.

Translate Strategy into Action

Effectively run, grow and transform your business at scale. In today’s fast-moving digital world, organizations need to be agile and respond to market shifts. The only way to accomplish this is by bridging the gap between strategic planning and execution.

Visualize your strategic roadmap

Establish value propositions, metrics and investment targets. Enterprise level roadmaps allow leadership to connect strategy to the investments and outcomes that drive successful transformation and execution.

Make better, quicker decisions in constantly changing environments with ‘What-if’ scenarios

Visually model various scenarios to prioritize initiatives, evaluate funding alternatives and balance trade-offs between proposed decisions

Empower financial visibility with a single source of real-time data

Streamline budgeting, estimating and tracking across programs and portfolios with financial planning across the hierarchy. Make better financial decisions with indicators of alignment, risk, and budget status.

Gain insight and visibility of total resource requirements and spare capacity

Spare resources and resource shortfalls. Intuitive and powerful resource planning designed for managers and teams who are looking for more transparency, clarity, and visibility.

See the status of your entire portfolio at-a-glance in real-time

Assess performance against KPIs. Visualize portfolio and program performance to identify issues and mitigate risks. Use data on current performance to improve estimates and metrics for the future.

Execute and Guide Initiatives

See and guide the progress of teams towards outcomes. Use Kanban boards, portfolio analytics and dashboards to visualize, measure and guide all work: proposed through to completed.

Use OnePlan Portfolio as a Single Hub for All Work

Integrate Your Teams

Manage portfolio execution your way. Keep your teams executing in their tool of choice. Let software development teams use favorite Agile tools such as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) or Jira and leverage integration options to include them in the portfolio. Empower teams to manage tasks in a social work management approach with OnePlan.

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