Transforming Today’s Disruption Into Tomorrow’s Leaders

Many leaders facing transformation initiatives have unanswered questions that prevent forward progress. Wicresoft can help leaders plan for disruption, allowing teams to get in front of the changes that often set teams back, introduce risks and create operational chaos. New technology, industry trends, regulatory compliance and shifting market demands are only some of the forces that disrupt today’s modern workplace. Creating a strategy that will bring maximum value and executing that strategy with little impact to the business is what we do best.

Transformation Workshops

Building an Agile PMO

Whether you are starting from scratch or rethinking your current project organization, we help you develop simplified project management that is business-focused, collaborative and dynamic. How ready are you to become more agile?

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Resource Management and Talent Strategy

Understanding your organization’s resource capacity and matching skillsets to your most strategic initiatives is a crucial aspect of transforming your operations, releasing innovation and increasing profit margins.


In this unique and engaging workshop, Wicresoft will help you assess, design and build out your resource management framework and processes to increase productivity, maximize resource availability and ensure you have the right talent on the right work at the right time.


As PMOs have evolved over the years, so have the ways we assess, source and align talent.


If your current business pipeline isn’t aligned with your recruiting, hiring and training plans, chances are you are setting yourself up for limited success.


Resource Management is a common yet unique discipline, that requires strategy and experience for optimal results.


Your resource management practice impacts employee culture, customer success and your speed of innovation.


Let us help you design and implement the right framework that is repeatable, proven and capable of empowering your teams to achieve the most from their capabilities.


Limiting potential can be the difference between you and your competition.


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Strategic Planning for the Agile Portfolio

No matter how efficient you are at project management, value is heading out the door unless you are doing the right work to begin with.


Add the requirement of being able to respond quickly to change and the process becomes even more challenging.


This workshop helps you understand how to rework planning and prioritization to predict the best projects while becoming more data-driven, iterative, quick to adjust, and focused on measurable outcomes.

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Transformation Delivery and Recovery

Delivering major initiatives across the organization is incredibly challenging.


Successful business initiatives benefit from modern program management methods as well as organizational change management.


Whether you have yet to begin the program or are currently challenged in delivery, this workshop is designed to review the full range of activities and strategies within your transformation initiative and recommend actions that can help you get on track for success.

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Adoption and Change Management

Neglecting change management is often cited as the reason why a project was executed poorly or why a new system failed.


We help you execute successful change through techniques that connect your stakeholder community with the purpose of your initiative.

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