Preview: What’s New In Microsoft Project Online 2016

Preview: What’s New In Microsoft Project Online 2016

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Microsoft Project Online 2016 has a lot to offer.  In order to get the most out of your Project Online environment, you need to understand the tool’s functionality, assess the needs of your organization, and leverage the features that best align to ensure constant continuous improvement.

As Project Management practices evolve, so do the challenges and needs of the organizations who leverage them.    Today, these challanges can typically be addressed by improving three disciplines to maximize value to the business: resource management, decision-making and productivity.  Project Online 2016 has new and improved features that can help your organization in every one of these areas.

Join us in this webinar presentation as we walk you through all the new features and functions of Project Online 2016 including:

  • Resource Management (engagement, workflow, decisioning and reporting)
  • Timelines (drag and drop, multiple timelines, saving to PPT)
  • Tell Me (help navigation and usability)
  • Next Steps to Getting the Most Out of Project 2016