Streamlining Strategic Resource Capacity Planning in Project Online

Streamlining Strategic Resource Capacity Planning in Project Online

Wicresoft is excited to introduce OnePlan’s Resource Capacity Planning for Project Online. OnePlan is an Office 365 app that adds simplified top-down strategic and portfolio planning to enhance the already strong project portfolio management (PPM) execution features already built into Project Online.

To ensure your team is efficient and effective, resources need to be allocated and deployed when and where they are needed. In practice, different teams utilize a variety of methods and tools to manage resources. To ensure resources are optimized and increase business value, the process must be standardized across all business units. Using one tool saves time, labor costs, and helps to increase project success rates as commitments can be based upon true availability. The benefits don’t stop there. In addition to being able to better assess demand and requests, employee satisfaction increases with efficient resource management as teams are not continuously overburden with unreasonable workloads and commitments.

Unlock the Benefits of OnePlan

Visual Resource Capacity Planning within Projects – Skip the spreadsheets and let OnePlan do the work! OnePlan enables resource planning for individual projects based on organizational-wide capacity and demand. You can dynamically manage resources with drag and drop capabilities to easily match individual resources to project requirements based on role, skills, and availability.


Enterprise Resource Capacity Planning – Gain high-level capacity and demand across the organization. View resources proposed and committed across all projects. Need to make changes? Easily substitute and balance resources with drag and drop re-assignment.



Visual Resource Scheduling – Schedule resources and equipment with a high-level overview of your team’s allocation. Use graphical visuals to tell the full story of resource scheduling and gain meaningful insights into overall resource over/under allocation.



Resource Reporting and Analytics – Unlock new insights into your business with visual reporting and analytics. Real-time reporting allows you to make the right decision every time and allows you to monitor utilization within your team to help with capacity planning enabling you to monitor and improve efficiency and compliance.


OnePlan Resource Capacity Planning Overview

Interested in a simpler way to manage resources and learn more about OnePlan? View our on-demand webinar and request a free trial to get started today!